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Coronavirus | Lockdown Day 1

Posted on Fri March 27, 2020.

Essential Services Continue

Dear Guests and Public

We at 22 Die Laan Guest House are extremely proud of the way the Municipality and Security Services in Stellenbosch continue to go about their daily tasks in order to serve our Community. At great personal inconvenience some workers involved in refuse removal worked late into last night and will continue to do so over the week end, to clear the backlog that was created by unforeseen circumstances.

We are told that Municipal workers are cleaning the streets of Stellenbosch after the last rush of people yesterday, and that specific arrangements have been made to transport all homeless people to temporary accommodation facilities outside of Stellenbosch.

We are proud to be a part of such a community, and grateful to each and every person who is involved in keeping our daily lives as ordered and normal as possible under the unusual circumstances.

Kind regards

Ounin Arndt & the 22 Die Laan Team